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Who is United Way California Capital Region; How are you related to United Way Worldwide?

United Way California Capital Region was established in 1923 and is a nonprofit serving Amador, El Dorado, Sacramento, Placer and Yolo counties. United Way Worldwide is the leadership and support organization for nearly 1,800 local United Ways in 40 countries around the globe, including United Way California Capital Region. We are a separately incorporated affiliate with a local CEO and Board of Directors.

What does United Way California Capital Region do?

For nearly 100 years, United Way has faced our region’s deepest and most urgent needs by bringing people together to build stronger, healthier and more compassionate communities. As we face a pandemic, economic downturn, deep roots of racial inequality and poverty, the need for our time-tested expertise in bringing people together is needed now more than ever.

How did United Way help with the COVID-19 pandemic?

When the pandemic hit, we immediately created the United Way California Capital Region COVID-19 Local Relief Fund. We partnered with 11 nonprofits across our five-county region to identify low-income families whose lives were disrupted by the outbreak and ensure they received the help they needed. We also partnered with Donate4Sacramento – all dollars donated to the Support Families area were distributed to Sacramento families through our fund. The fund closed at the end of June after raising $550,000 that provided more than 1,100 families with a one-time $500 distribution to help with rent, bills and basic needs. 

How is United Way addressing racial inequality in our region?

We are committed to building stronger, healthier and more compassionate communities and must channel our justifiable outrage to collaborative action. We must stand united for justice. 

Our United Way has been working toward a more equitable country that we can be proud to leave for future generations. We also have a long way to go to dismantle the systems and structures that contribute to the vast inequities we experience as a nation and region. The cost of the health and well-being of those communities that have the least and struggle the most is both incalculable and unacceptable. We are harnessing our greatest strength at United Way – our ability to work collaboratively with the entire community, from local elected leaders to school districts, parents, families, volunteers and donors – to address the region’s most pressing needs. Together, we can achieve sustainable change that will help move families from crisis to thriving and to ensure a more just and equitable region. 

Why should I support United Way California Capital Region?

We are committed to ending poverty in our region, and we cannot do it alone. We connect local nonprofits, schools, government, companies, volunteers, donors and more to create lasting change. We need more people to join our movement to tackle tough questions, address root issues and create large-scale solutions that end poverty and make our region stronger, healthier and more compassionate.

How can I support United Way California Capital Region?

There are multiple ways to get involved.

  1. Donate directly to UWCCR and support our mission of ending poverty in our region.
  2. Participate in your workplace giving campaign and support your favorite nonprofit. Our only requirement is that it is a tax-exempt 501c3 organization in the U.S. 
  3. Make a bigger impact and join our Action Groups: Women United or Young Leaders Society
  4. Volunteer for a one-time project or an ongoing opportunity!  

We also offer payroll deduction which provides you the option of giving a predetermined amount from your paycheck instead of a one-time donation. This way you provide consistent support to your favorite nonprofit organization. 

Which local companies support United Way?

More than 300 local private and public sector organizations support us through workplace giving campaigns. Additionally, we manage the Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work initiative.

What happens if I feel forced to give through my workplace campaign?

Giving is a very personal decision and no form of coercion is acceptable. If you felt coerced during a workplace giving campaign, please contact us. 

Why should I give through United Way and not directly to my favorite nonprofit?

By giving through United Way, you save your favorite nonprofit the cost associated with fundraising. 

Does United Way charge a fee for giving to the nonprofit of my choice?

We deduct a small amount (usually about 15%) from a gift before passing it on to a designated nonprofit to cover administrative costs.  

What is United Way’s overhead?

Our average overhead is 18%. We are well within the range organizations like the Better Business Bureau say is acceptable. 

Who is the President & CEO of United Way California Capital Region?

Dr. Dawnté Early is a proven advocate who is committed to our Square One approach of working to end poverty by tackling difficult issues that impact children and families. She has dedicated her life’s work to addressing issues that impact people from low-income and historically marginalized communities. Previously, Dr. Early served as Chief of Research and Evaluation for the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, and has led racial and gender policy reforms and evaluation of the Affordable Care Act at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. She has also chaired for the West Sacramento Commission for Aging, and currently serves as as a Member of the West Sacramento City Council.

Do you have a board of directors?

Yes, we are governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of 29 local community members.

How many staff members do you have? 

On average, we have about 25-30 professionals on staff. 

How is United Way associated with the NFL?

United Way Worldwide and the NFL have the longest-running public service advertising campaign and sports/charity partnership of their kind. All NFL representatives appearing in United Way ads are volunteers who receive no compensation. The NFL pays for production costs and airtime. There is no cost to local United Ways for the TV spots.

Can you provide me with medical, health or other types of assistance?

We do not provide direct services, but we can connect you to resources in the counties we serve (Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo). 

How can I get in touch with United Way California Capital Region?

Sacramento Headquarters Office

10389 Old Placerville Road
Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone: (916) 368-3000
Fax: (916) 368-3029

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Note: Office closed during COVID-19. All employees working remotely.

Woodland Office
716 Main Street, Suite B
Woodland, CA 95695
Phone: (530) 662-3633

​Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (closed Noon – 1 p.m.)
Note: Office closed during COVID-19. All employees working remotely.

Tax ID# or EIN: 94-1225382