Workplace Giving


Workplace Giving

Is your company interested in giving back to the community in an easy and fun way? Partner with United Way to activate your company’s charitable giving today!

According to a recent study*:

  • 75% of companies surveyed indicated that giving back to the community was the most important reason to offer a workplace giving program
  • 46% stated that such programs are consistent with their company’s values
  • Nearly 40% cited employee retention and engagement as a top reason, particularly for millennials and younger professionals

(*Fidelity/ACCP, 2020, Doing Well by Doing Good)
We manage more than 250 workplace giving campaigns for companies large and small in all industries and can customize a campaign to fit your company’s needs and your employee’s nonprofit interests!

This is a free service and an effective tool for employee recruitment, engagement and retention.


Give Back and Build Employee Morale
Workplace Giving Campaigns

71% of employees say it’s important to work somewhere that is supportive of giving and volunteering. Engaged employees are happier and more productive.

Through Workplace Giving Campaigns, you can bring together local time and local dollars to create local change.

With our help, you can create opportunities for your staff to get connected with their favorite causes and give back to the community. Your company won’t just be doing good work, but also enhancing teamwork and relationships.