Community Schools

Provides all the SERVICES FAMILies need within their CHILD’S SCHOOL

Community schools are designed to support all aspects of a child’s life by serving as neighborhood hubs to strengthen families and improve community health. Remaining in their neighborhood, families have convenient access to health care, mentoring, expanded learning programs and adult guidance in a nurturing environment.

Located at Riverbank Elementary, River City High School, Elkhorn Village Elementary, and Westfield Village Elementary, we are leading the planning process of this innovative community school pilot project with the aim to apply systemic solutions to address individual student needs.

Although most community schools share a similar framework, no two are exactly alike because they are informed by the needs and voices of their unique communities. Shared outcomes in community schools across the country include: decreased chronic absenteeism, higher graduation and college enrollment rates, and increased academic achievement.

What makes a school a community school?

  1. Shared Leadership: At every stage of this process, we will seek to highlight the diverse voices in our community, and meaningfully engage as many stakeholders as possible. This allows us to create the authenticity and accountability necessary for these to truly be community schools.
  2. Integrated Student Supports: These are the crucial mental, physical, and academic supports, which are provided through a trauma-informed lens, thus helping break down barriers to students fully thriving and reduce the burden on parents and teachers.
  3. Family & Community Engagement: By strengthening existing community partnerships, exploring new ones, and improving access to community resources we ensure we are leveraging all that the community has to offer.
  4. Expanded Learning Opportunities: We will facilitate environments for collaborative learning and critical thinking by expanding before, after, and summer school programs that focus on student voice, job, and life-skills development.

To find out more and get involved in the Community Schools planning process, email [email protected].

The overall planning process includes extensive communication and research among local students, families, school staff and government agencies.

Plans are also underway to offer extended learning opportunities via before & after school programs designed to reverse the learning losses of recent years. Activities will include field trips, team-oriented STEM and language challenges, as well as youth character, and job-skills development.

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