Square One Approach

For the past 100 years, United Way California Capital Region has brought people together to fight poverty by building stronger, healthier and more compassionate communities.

1 in 6 Sacramento children lives in poverty.

Real Cost Measure, United Ways of California

Using a more realistic measure of basic household costs, a family of four needs to work 2.5 full-time minimum wage jobs just to get by. That is impossible.

School is Square One for Ending Family Poverty

We have found one place in each community where we can reach the most families in need. Through our Square One approach, we are working to end poverty for local families in school.

Our Square One Approach

Help Kids Excel in School

Invest in Families

Strengthen Schools

We Must End Poverty for Local Families

We are facing a prolonged pandemic and housing crisis as well as deep roots of racial inequity. Through our Square One approach, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as we lay solid steppingstones on our path to help every family thrive.