Holman for the Win!

January 2022 Corporate Community Champion

We are proud to present Holman Enterprises as our January 2022 Corporate Community Champion. Holman is a valued corporate partner who has supported us through sponsorships of our Women United Luncheon for many years. They have generously committed again this year at the $2500 Gold Sponsor level!

Holman’s sense of creativity, spirit, and family honor is reflected in the title they gave their national United Way Campaign this year: Holman Rises. Employees from locations across North America have rallied to the mission of United Way for more than seven decades!

New hires at Holman quickly learn that their long tradition of supporting United Way is so integral to the company’s ethos that it’s included in a new employee orientation session.

In the California Capital Region, Holman Enterprises has pledged over $32,000 in employee gifts, special events, and sponsorships in just the last five years!

Holman Enterprises takes pride in giving back to the communities they work in through their charitable giving efforts centered on providing basic needs, access to education, income stability, and health assistance, for our neighbors who need them most.

Thank you, Holman Enterprises!