Women United


Women United

Women United (WU) is the California Capital region’s premier women’s group based on the recognition of women as a powerful philanthropic force. This dedicated group is grounded in the idea that addressing the most critical needs of our local foster youth community will enrich the entire community as a whole and creates a better life for us all. 

Women United is a powerful network of over 250 women that leverages their passions, ideas, expertise and resources to focus on their signature issue – ensuring foster youth are prepared for a successful transition to independence and ready for success in life.

Members stand up, unite and take action on issues that hit closest to home by advocating, educating, giving and volunteering. What unifies this group is a common commitment to lead by example, inspiring others to follow.

Large group of women holding signs indoors.

History of Women United
Making a Difference Regionally and Globally

United Way California Capital Region established Women United in early 2002. This small group of committed women developed the mission statement and held the first luncheon benefiting local foster community in the Arden Mall Nordstroms’ parking lot. Over the years, Women United members have continued their commitment to ignite positive change and impact the community particularly in the areas of foster youth, education, financial stability and health.