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Health: Fit Kids project
Help people fight obesity

Right now, 23% of adults and 30% of youth are overweight or obese. And one of the biggest reasons is that people don’t have access to healthy foods and safe places to play in childhood.

It all starts with good food and fun exercise.

When kids learn healthy food can taste good and exercise can be fun, they develop lifelong habits that help them fight off obesity and other health conditions in adulthood. And children already struggling with a healthy weight can shed pounds simply by having fun.

Solution: United Way’s Fit Kids project

Our goal is that 20% fewer people in our region will be overweight.

But this challenge is too big for one nonprofit to solve – we need everyone on board. Here’s how we’re going to accomplish that goal together: We’re creating opportunities for kids to learn and practice nutritious food choices and exercise to create a lasting healthy lifestyle.

We’re engaging youth and teens in programs that promote healthy eating and active lifestyles so they will grow up to be healthy adults.

It’s working.

80% of 1,143 participants have improved in at least one domain on the school Fitnessgram® test that measures children’s physical fitness.

Join the movement.

When you invest in United Way’s LIVE UNITED movement through your donations and your volunteer work, you join hands with our partners – nonprofits, companies, government bodies, volunteers and donors – to rebuild our community and give every person the building blocks for a good life.

If you are interested in joining the group of volunteers on the Health Impact Council that oversee this project, contact