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Image of Lorrie Wilson, Volunteer

Lorrie Wilson, Volunteer
Find out why she inspires us to do more.

Lorrie Wilson is an outstanding person. She is a multitalented individual who is involved in several of United Way’s impact ventures. Lorrie keeps busy as a co-chair of Women in Philanthropy; She is also a community volunteer on the Financial Stability Impact Council; as well as becoming involved is the recently formed Retiree Giving Club. We were very honored to have Lorrie let us get to know her a little better and share with us her experiences with United Way and our affinity groups.

Practicing what we preach – Healthy Eating & Active Living

Practicing what we preach – Healthy Eating & Active Living
Maihnia Lee

I had the pleasure of attending the HEAL Collaborative Promising Practices Exchange 2015. More than 100 agencies came together at the beautiful Falls Event Center in Elk Grove to discuss promising practices and celebrate the work surrounding health policies, programs, and services within low-income and high-need communities.

Image of April 7 is World Health Day!

April 7 is World Health Day!
2015 World Health Day: Food Safety – 5 Ways to Practice Food Safety

World Health Day is a global public health awareness day hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO). Each year, it draws attention to a public health concern that affects people internationally. This year, 2015 World Health Day is shedding light on Food Safety.

Image of Westfield Village Elementary School
Success Story

Westfield Village Elementary School
Cady's Book Club

For many low-income families, every dollar has to be stretched in order to put food on the table. Buying books for their children just may not be possible for some families. However, as studies show, nourishing children’s minds with literature greatly improves their performance in school. And there is no better place to start than at home. 

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