Tocqueville Society

Tocqueville Society of United Way California Capital Region is committed to making a difference in the Capital Region. Tocqueville members are pioneers in industry, civic leaders, and ambassadors for change, and share a common agenda – give generously of time and resources to create a better community for all.

Membership Benefits

  • Local and international programming
  • Volunteer opportunities, networking and social events
  • Insights into the work and future of your local United Way
  • Consistent outreach through newsletters, email and personal communication
Heart, Mind & Soul

Heart, Mind & Soul
Tocqueville Exclusive Speaker Series

United Way California Capital Region was thrilled to kick off the inaugural session of the Tocqueville Exclusive Speaker Series! Our national panel of speakers addressed topics that related directly to our membership, to our work across the region, and to our community!


Tocqueville Committee
Tocqueville Assemblée Régionale

The purpose of this key volunteer committee is to elevate our local branch of the Tocqueville Society and engage our highly committed ambassadors. The committee will promote the work of United Way California Capital Region, keep donors informed and engaged with our programs, our partners and those served in the community. The committee will also serve as a liaison for the membership, ensuring that appropriate levels of benefits, recognition and volunteer opportunities are both available and amenable to our donors.


Tocqueville Step-Up Program

United Way California Capital Region Step-Up Program is a pathway that provides you the opportunity to achieve your long-term giving level while enjoying Tocqueville membership benefits immediately. In this program, you will incrementally increase your gift value over the course of three years, reaching your goal investment by the third year.