As young people transition from foster care, they often lack the guidance and support that traditional or adoptive families provide. We recognize this at FITRAH and so we have adapted a training/working model combined with a mentoring program that addresses these gaps. With the right skills training, work experience, and support, we are helping young people gain a footing to live and earn independently in order to build a stable future for themselves.

The FITRAH program consists of two portions; work placement and mentoring. The participants are placed in paid work because at FITRAH, we believe work does work. This work experience equips them with essential skills so they are able to secure a paid job after graduating from our program. The second portion provides each participant with guidance and a personalized roadmap of the skills they need for an independent future.

As participants come on to the program, they begin to receive payment just as they would if they were in regular paid work. The security of a paid position is a central aspect of the FITRAH program as this means the participants are immediately able to pay their way. Whilst they learn on-the-job, they also acquire new and transferable skills. Among some of the competencies that the program teaches are job readiness, financial literacy, and interpersonal skills training.

The youth also get paid to work on themselves, the “me” job. This mentoring portion of the program focuses on creating a personal roadmap for the future which includes resume writing, interview skills, time management, as well as reaching personal milestones like obtaining an ID or opening a bank account. Youths enrolled in this program benefit from one-to-one guidance, and regular meetings with an assigned mentor to track their personal development. They also have support from other participants and program alumni.


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