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This page is a resource for state labor federations and central labor councils provided to you by our Community Services Liason, Greg Larkins.

Greg Larkins can be reached at or 916-368-3018


Labor Travel Toiletry Drive
How United Way employees use their travels for good.

Many of our United Way colleagues travel around the country throughout the year attending conferences and meetings on behalf of our United Way.

We are encouraging our traveling representatives to collect the complimentary toiletry items provided by the hotel and bring them back to our United Way, to add to our collection.

On Labor Day, the Sacramento Central Labor Council & Community Services activists hand out these toiletry items to the clients who are being served lunch at Loaves & Fishes!


Labor unions raise majority of toilet paper in 2015 Toilet Paper Drive

The annual Toilet Paper Drive is alive and well, and this year, Sacramento’s labor unions stepped up and donated more than half of all the toilet paper collected on June 18!

Over 35,000 rolls were collected during a 12-hour span by staff and volunteers at Cal Expo with 18,500 coming from labor unions. The year’s drive was coordinated through a partnership with Sacramento Loaves & Fishes, The Sacramento Food Bank and California Emergency Foodlink.


KDEE 97.5 “LIVE-ON AIR” Toilet Paper Drive Nets 1000 Rolls!

On Tuesday, June 9 KDEE 97.5 held their 3rd Annual Toilet Paper Drive in conjunction with the annual Community Toilet Paper Drive being held next week on June 18.

This is the third year that KDEE 97.5 has generously allowed us to set up a toilet paper collection site in the parking lot of their radio station, while conducting an on-air toilet paper drive.


“Re-Imagine” brings improvements to the Mack Road corridor this Saturday!
Volunteer Opportunities For All!

For many years the Mack Road corridor was one of the most notorious & dangerous areas in the City of Sacramento!

But after many years of organizations dedicating themselves & working together to map out a different direction for this challenged community, the Mack Road corridor is well on their way to improving the quality of life for their residents through many revitalization and community service projects that inspire the residents to take pride in their community, and be proud to call it home!



Every spring hundreds of Labor Activists join the Latino Community to celebrate the life, struggles and victories of one of our nation’s most influential Latino Labor leaders, Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez came to prominence as an organizer for the United Farm Workers. His non-violent protests against the injustices and human rights violations of his fellow workers, brought about global awareness and international support that forced change upon the farming industry, and the treatment of farm workers across the nation.


New Emergency Food Provider!
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services to assist Labor Families.

Working Families in the Sacramento Region now have a new Emergency Food Assistance provider, as well as a new Operation Christmas Basket program food sponsor!

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) has agreed to be the AFL-CIO Community Services Program’s emergency food provider throughout the year, as well as providing Working Families with the food product for our annual Operation Christmas Basket Program!

The AFL-CIO Community Services Program has struggled the last few years to continue to provide these valuable food assistance services to our Members, when the California Emergency Food Link went through a re-organization, and could no longer do so. This new partnership will ensure that when Working Families have a need for food assistance, SFBFS will be there to help!


When the paycheck stops
A manual designed to help cope with unemployment by providing resources for working families in the Sacramento valley

When the Paycheck Stops will assist you in surviving hard times on the best possible terms. The materials provided are generalized, and programs may vary from state to state and county to county. Please take the time to read the booklet carefully. Review it yourself, with your family and others who maybe involved in employment displacement or reduction. Use the listed public support bureaus and service providers to fit your needs. If you have any questions concerning the services mentioned herein, please contact the service providers directly.