AT&T: October Corporate Community Champion

In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation, we want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on our October 2023 Corporate Community Champion, AT&T. With a heartfelt commitment to making a positive impact, AT&T has gone above and beyond in their efforts to support communities in need. Here are some remarkable highlights of AT&T’s contributions:

1. Extensive Disaster Relief Support: AT&T employees nationwide have demonstrated their generosity by donating over $250,000 to assist those affected by disasters. From aiding the citizens of Ukraine to supporting the recovery of communities like Uvalde and Buffalo, and standing by the survivors of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, AT&T’s commitment to disaster relief is truly commendable.

2. Local Philanthropy: Here in the California Capital Region, AT&T employees have made a significant impact by donating nearly $10,000 to local nonprofits. Their contributions have helped these organizations thrive and continue their invaluable work in our community.

3. Corporate Disaster Relief Program: AT&T’s Corporate Disaster Relief Program plays a pivotal role in supporting nonprofit partners and communities in the aftermath of disasters. By offering assistance throughout the recovery process, AT&T has distributed a substantial $1.6 million to communities in need in 2022.

4. Bridging the Digital Divide: AT&T recognizes the importance of connectivity and is actively working to connect underserved communities with the technology and internet they need to thrive. Their “Connected Learning” program empowers community centers across the nation to provide free internet access, educational tools, tutoring, and mentorship to communities in need.

5. A Dedicated Partner: We at United Way California Capital Region are incredibly fortunate to collaborate closely with AT&T’s Director of External Affairs, Alice Perez. Her unwavering dedication to ending poverty in our region is truly inspiring. Since July 2021, Alice has served as a Board Trustee for our Capital Region Foundation, actively contributing to our shared mission of creating positive change.

AT&T’s commitment to philanthropy, disaster relief, and bridging the digital divide is a shining example of corporate responsibility and community support. We extend our heartfelt thanks to AT&T and its employees for their exceptional dedication to making the world a better place. Together, we can continue to create a brighter future for all. Thank you, AT&T!