Zurich volunteers help out at St. John’s/Plates Café


A team of volunteers from Zurich recently worked together to do some deep cleaning at Plates Café, a program of United Way certified partner St. John’s Shelter Program for Women & Children.

Following a fun and fact filled tour by Plates Café’s own Chef Stu throughout the restaurant, outdoor eating area and vegetable/herb garden, volunteers got to work cleaning the outdoor areas, the walk-in freezers and other areas of the kitchen. The women in the Plates Café training program who help in the kitchen and restaurant are constantly cleaning and maintaining the kitchen, but as Chef Stu said, the cleaning job is never done in a busy kitchen. The group of volunteers provided a needed deep cleaning during non-operational hours that will keep things up to the high standards of the Plates and St. John’s teams. The volunteers were even treated to a yummy lunch created by Chef Stu as a thank you for their time invested.

St. John’s Shelter Program for Women & Children is the only program in Sacramento County focused exclusively on the most vulnerable of the homeless population, women with children. An employment learning program for formerly homeless mothers with children, Plates provides women with a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills necessary to enter the culinary and service industries. Upon completion of the Plates program, graduates are qualified for positions in the culinary, retail and/or hospitality industries. Plates helps place them into careers in these industries. Thank you to St. John’s Shelter Program for Women & Children for all the wonderful things you do in the community and for hosting the team of volunteers from Zurich. Thank you to Zurich for spending your Saturday working hard and giving back to your community.