Zurich employees volunteer with two United Way certified partners Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services AND Volunteers of America


Two groups of volunteers from Zurich stepped up to help with two certified United Way nonprofit partners, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and Volunteers of America. At both locations, the teams received a tour and overview of programs offered by both organizations. At Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, volunteers helped sort food items that will be used in the mobile food distribution program. At Volunteers of America, the team worked to organize multiple sheds used as clothing closets for families staying at the Family Shelter. The impact made at both organizations by the volunteers will be felt by many community members who need the help most.

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is dedicated to helping feed, clothe, educate and mentor families in need at no charge, while providing hope and support in our community. Volunteers of America provides shelter for homeless families, singles, former foster youth, abused seniors and those with HIV/AIDS; substance abuse treatment, case management and job training.

Thank you to the volunteers from Zurich for stepping up to help out in a big way and to the staff of Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and Volunteers of America for being such engaging hosts to the volunteers and showcasing what the organization does.