Zurich “builds” team with Habitat for Humanity


Another team of volunteers from Zurich tackled one more project, this time helping out United Way certified partner Sacramento Habitat for Humanity. The group was planning a team building activity, such as bowling, when someone suggested volunteering instead—we think that’s a great idea!Everyone rallied behind this idea and they reached out to United Way to find the best volunteer project for the team. When they arrived ready to volunteer, the team heard from the staff of Sacramento Habitat for Humanity before working in the organization’s ReStore where they sorted, organized and priced donated items.

Sacramento Habitat for Humanity builds affordable housing for qualified Sacramento low income families, sells these homes at cost and provides no down payment/zero interest mortgages. In addition to the construction process, the organization manages the ReStore which sells donated items such as gently used appliances, furniture and construction supplies back into the community to help support the organization. The store is open to the public and has something for everyone. Thank you to Zurich for stepping up to volunteer—you all made a huge difference in just one day of hard work. Finally, thank you to Sacramento Habitat for Humanity for hosting the volunteers and providing this opportunity for the group to grow as a team, have fun and give back at the same time!