What are United Way Volunteers saying?


“I didn’t know this Food Bank existed until now. Nice to know there are many organizations helping those in need.” –United Way Volunteer, October 2012

“I have worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. Being able to teach new home owners all phases of building a house was worth lending my time for such a deserving family to make a better life. An awesome experience.” –United Way Volunteer, October 2012

“I really enjoyed helping out the organization we volunteered for.So many children are in need of services and it felt good to be able to help where I could.I look forward to the next United Way opportunity to volunteer!” –United Way Volunteer, September 2012

“Enjoyed working in the child care area and interacting with youth through outdoor activities.”
–United Way Volunteer, October 2012

“We had the opportunity to help with some tasks around the facility. More importantly, volunteering introduced us to an organization that we can form a partnership with to provide assistance moving forward.” –United Way Volunteer, November 2012

“The overall experience was great and I felt good knowing that even the few hours of my time I gave made a difference.” –United Way Volunteer, September 2012

“We volunteered to build a gazebo that was damaged in a fire. We had a great time working together and creating this relaxing environment for those living at the facility to enjoy.”
–United Way Volunteer, September 2012

“It was a positive experience. Everyone involved who ran the shop were very friendly and effective. There was a genuine sense of team spirit among all participants. It was certainly a humbling experience.” –United Way Volunteer, August 2012

“It was a good opportunity to give back to our community. It was also a reminder of how fortunate we are at this moment but the stark realization that we could be in need of assistance in the future.” –United Way Volunteer, September 2012

“We planted a garden at a high school, painted a library, packed food for a food shelter, and walked for cancer.” –United Way Volunteer, August 2012

“Our group volunteered with general yard clean-up at a group home. It was well organized and we really felt that our work was appreciated.” –United Way Volunteer, September 2012


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