Volunteers from IBEW Local 340 tackle painting project at TLCS, Inc.


Volunteers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 340 and the AFL-CIO Community Services Department recently teamed up with United Way California Capital Region to help out certified United Way nonprofit partner Transitional Living & Commmunity Support, Inc. (TLCS, Inc.).TLCS, Inc. is a private, non-profit psychosocial rehabilitation agency that provides housing, living skills training, community support and outreach services for people with psychiatric and other disabilities. TLCS, Inc has five residental facilties in the Sacramento area that house their clients who are able to live independently with minimal supervision.

The Electricians of IBEW Local 340 volunteered their time at the Bell Avenue apartments of TLCS, Inc. in Sacramento. IBEW Local 340 volunteers helped paint the facility that houses clients of the program. The staff and residents of TLCS, Inc were very appreciative as it provides residents of this location a sense of pride with improvements to the building. The staff said without volunteers, this projects would have taken valuable time and days to complete. The team of 12 volunteers completed the job in just three hours. Many thanks to the IBEW Local 340 volunteers for stepping up to make a difference and to the staff and residents of TLCS, Inc. for being such gracious hosts to the volunteers and making them feel appreciated. Finally, thank you to AFL-CIO Community Services Department for coordinating the efforts of the volunteers—we appreciate your partnership.