United Way Readers, Tutors and Mentors


Research proves that caring volunteers working with students of all ages, have the power to help kids boost academic achievement and put young people on track for a bright future.That’s why United Way launched this historic new effort to recruit one million new volunteer readers, tutors and mentors. We all win when young people succeed in school. United Way Worldwide has been inviting people to LIVE UNITED as a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor since 2012, including folks from the California Capital Region.

United Way California Capital Region was able to match several volunteer readers, tutors and mentors to United Way certified partner Reading Partners, who also participate in the California Capital Region Education Collaborative to help in their reading programs at various sites. The staff at Reading Partners had some great things to say about volunteers recruited through United Way, so we wanted to share what they think:

• “Sierra has a really great relationship with her student. She’s incredibly patient and sweet, and is great at receiving feedback from her coaching.” – Reading Partners Site Coordinator
• “I’m so impressed with Marley! She often prepares additional material to help her student who struggles with phonics sounds.” – Reading Partners Site Coordinator
• “What I’ve observed of Jonathan, I love! He is great with kids and really knows how to connect with them.” – Reading Partners Site Coordinator
• “This is Amy’s second year. She’s a wonderful tutor and is working with an English Language Learner student. She brings in extra material to help the student review sight words. She also sends him home with a list of words that he struggles with, so that he can practice with his Dad!” – Reading Partners Site Coordinator

Thank you to these highlighted volunteers and everyone else involved! United Way Readers, tutors and mentors in our community create a lasting impression that will be felt for years to come.