Target Rancho Cordova volunteers with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services


A group of volunteers from Target Rancho Cordova came together to help out at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. The first part of the morning consisted of a tour of the organization’s facilities to get a taste of some of the other programs provided for the community. After the tour, volunteers sorted food that will eventually be used for the mobile food distribution program.Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is dedicated to helping feed, clothe, educate and mentor families in need at no charge, while providing hope and support in our community. The organization is so much more than just a food bank, as if that wasn’t enough. If you haven’t experience volunteering with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, get your group together and plan to share your time. It’s an extremely rewarding experience. Contact us if we can help plan your day of service!

Thank you to Target Rancho Cordova volunteers for taking time out of their day to give back to those who need it most in our communities. We are incredibly grateful for volunteers like you. Thank you also to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services team of dedicated staff who is always appreciative of volunteers like the group from Target Rancho Cordova.