Sleep Train volunteers sort books for STAR Readers


Sleep Train volunteers recently rallied together to help the United Way STAR Readers program by sorting the books from the recent STAR Readers book drive and helping us get the books to our nonprofit partners. Next, the nonprofit partners working to help 660 kindergarten through third grade students read at grade level will distribute the books to STAR Readers in the program.Often times, this is the first book a child has owned and can practice reading at school and home with their families.Because of a wonderful partnership with Clear Channel and their recent “Collecting the Classics” Book Drive, more than 1,300 additional books were distributed to the funded partners to encourage family literacy and a chance for student and families to have more books in their home. Talk about trickling down! Because of one idea and multiple partnerships, hundreds of families will benefit for years to come.

Thank you to the fabulous Sleep Train volunteers who worked so hard to get all the tasks accomplished and books loaded into the cars of our nonprofit partners and on their way to be distributed to the kids and families in our region. An additional thank you to everyone who donated books to the book drive or attended the STARRY Night Reading event. Interested in learning more about the STAR Readers program? Find more information here. Want to get involved next year in the book drive? Photos from our STARRY Night Reading Event and See the flyer!