FirstService Residential volunteers help paint at Children’s Receiving Home


A team of volunteers made up of FirstService Residential employees spread all throughout the region came together to help with a painting project at United Way certified partner Children’s Receiving Home. The leader of the group learned about Children’s Receiving Home through the 2013 United Way Day of Caring, saw the need for additional projects and worked with United Way Volunteer Services to plan a time to make it happen.The group received a tour of the facilities and learn more about Children’s Receiving Home, followed by getting to work on some painting projects in the dormitory area of the campus. The final result looks great and will be appreciated by children for years to come.

Thank you to employees of FirstService Residential for not only volunteering your time but also providing some of the materials for the project. Thank you to staff of Children’s Receiving Home for providing a meaningful opportunity for volunteers to learn more and give back.