Allied/Nationwide volunteers get fit with United Way Fit Kids


Volunteers from Allied/Nationwide recently went to the Health Education Council site of United Way’s Fit Kids program. Volunteers took a tour of the Grant High School garden and demonstration kitchen before helping high school students lead activities with a group of elementary school age Fit Kids who were on a field trip to visit the garden.

The Fit Kids were 4th and 5th after school youth from Garden Valley Elementary School on a visit to Grant Garden to learn about eating healthy in the kitchen. United Way’s volunteers from Allied/Nationwide were a big help to the students in the kitchen as they made turkey burgers and smoothies, as well as providing a positive influence on the students in the program.

Thank you to all volunteers from Allied/Nationwide and a huge thank you to the students who shared their experience with us and the Health Education Council staff and students for being wonderful hosts.

Fit Kids is working to decrease childhood obesity by preventing weight gain for children at risk of obesity and promoting weight loss for children who are already obese. Youth and their parents will learn about the importance of healthy nutrition and physical activity, as well as how to include them in their daily lives. And we’re seeing great results! Learn more about Fit Kids and consider bringing your group out to volunteer and see the program in action!