Nordstrom Arden “Fashion Board” volunteers with Volunteers of America

Volunteer - General

A group of volunteers made up of the “Fashion Board” from Nordstrom Arden came together to accomplish some much needed donation sorting and storage clean up at the Family Shelter of Volunteers of America. The group arrived, received a tour of the facility and learned more about the organization.After that, they got to work sorting donations of clothes and household items. Volunteers of America provides shelter for homeless families, singles, former foster youth, abused seniors and those with HIV/AIDS; substance abuse treatment, case management and job training. The Senior Safe House is a safe haven for abused and neglected seniors.

Thank you to the volunteers from the Nordstrom Arden “Fashion Board” for stepping up to help out in a big way to help out and to the staff of Volunteers of America and the Family Shelter for being such engaging hosts to the volunteers and showcasing what the organization does.