Bringing the Play

United Way Hero
October 21, 2019

Last week, we were joined by 20 of our friends from Principal for a volunteer activity at Bell Elementary School.  These volunteers spent their Friday morning beautifying the school’s playground area, joined by a few student leaders.  Their project included building an additional school garden that produces vegetables used in the classroom and in the lunchroom as well as updating their playground blacktop, which involved painting the ball wall and adding a colorful map of the United States. 

These seemingly simple changes to the campus don’t just bring beauty and pride to the school, but also helps give these students a safe place to play when not in the classroom. These invaluable chances for kids to play on campus stimulates more growth in children’s learning than it is a just chance to “run off energy.”  Playing helps kids keep health on track, stimulate brain development, gain social skills, and helps improve memory and creativity. These are all necessities that help a growing child learn and achieve success in both an academic setting and beyond the classroom.  More of these skills gained through playing includes conflict resolution and adaptability. 

This all leads back to the Square One Project, our 20-year promise to end poverty starting in school. By giving these kids the chance to utilize playing, they can continue to thrive in and out of the classroom. Thank you to all the Principal volunteers who donated their time! We are so lucky to have an incredible partner like you!

If you would like to bring your company out to volunteer or explore other volunteer opportunities, check out our Volunteer Center.