Toasts and Thanks
Celebrating Women United Members and Accomplishments

United Way Event

On June 13, we held the annual Women United Members’ Celebration at the Mimosa House in Sacramento. The evening was filled with food, good company, and of course, delicious mimosas.  

This event recognized new and current members, and highlighted the many accomplishments the group had over the past year. Women United members play an important role in helping  local foster youth prepare for bright futures. Members hosted monthly life skills workshops covering topics such as dressing for success, navigating the college system, auto mechanic basics, and more. Also, the group’s fundraising efforts over the last 16 years just surpassed two million dollars helping foster youth prepare for their transition to adulthood. These preparations include things like opening Individual Savings Accounts for foster youth that they are able to contribute to in order to save for their future. 

While there were many reasons to celebrate, members also reflected on future needs.

“50 percent of foster youth are graduating from high school; we can be doing more.  Only three percent of foster youth are going on to higher education, and we can be doing more. We are a movement that is picking up speed for a community that deserves our time and attention,” said Stephanie Bray, Women United Member and United Way president and CEO. 

United Way’s Women United stands 117 members strong and continues to grow.  Thank you to all who attended and to those who continue to support local foster youth.

If you want to join these leaders, please contact Paula Mumm at or (916) 856-3954. 

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