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4th annual LIVE UNITED Toilet Paper Drive and Distribution!

United Way Event

United Way California Capital Region and FOX40 News is proud to host the 4th annual Toilet Paper Drive on Thursday, June 14 at Cal Expo! One week later on Thursday, June 21 at Foodlink, Emerging Leaders will help with toilet paper distribution to our certified nonprofit partners.

Join forces with us to create awareness of the growing demand for services faced by many local nonprofits. The donated toilet paper will United Way’s certified nonprofit partners so their resources can be spent on services rather than toilet paper.

Fun & Simple Ways to Give Back

DONATE toilet paper, toilet paper, and more toilet paper. Roll this news out to your friends, family, co-workers and start a TP collection or challenge!

DONATE online! Can’t make it to Cal Expo, donating is a click away.

BE SOCIAL with our event mascot,TP. Print your own TP from home and take him on adventures. Post your photos with him to his Facebook page.

VOLUNTEER for a four-hour shift between 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Thursday June 21 at Foodlink during distribution. Check out the opportunities and submit this form.

We invite Emerging Leaders or those interested in Emerging Leaders to participate in either day of volunteer activities! Come out and help make a difference while you have some fun with like-minded folks.