Westfield Village Elementary School
Read about the the success of Cady's book club

Success Story

For many low-income families, every dollar has to be stretched in order to put food on the table. Buying books for their children just may not be possible for some families. However, as studies show, nourishing children’s minds with literature greatly improves their performance in school. And there is no better place to start than at home. 

Cady Horobin-Wohlers, who is now a literacy program coordinator with United Way, was formerly a Reading Coordinator at Westfield Village Elementary where she ran the past United Way STAR Reader’s program. She is from Yolo County Children’s Alliance, a funded United Way partner. In addition to aiding targeted students with improving their literary and reading comprehension skills, Cady allowed opportunities for students to bring home books through her book club. 

Every day during the students’ last recess, they were welcomed to visit the inviting and comfortable nook in the back of the classroom where they could indulge in their literary pleasures. If a particular book caught their attention, the student could choose to take the book home if it was determined to be within their independent reading level.

Once the book was taken home and read, students were asked to fill out a book report worksheet containing questions about reading comprehension, familiarizing students with story elements, and encouraged students to think critically and write. Students turned in their completed worksheets and Cady tracked each student’s history on a chart. Every time a student reached three stickers, they earned a prize.

Cady’s Book Club was a great way to encourage young minds to enjoy reading while simultaneously incentivizing great literary habits and helping families build their home libraries.