Single mom gets hundreds back thanks to California Earned Income Tax Credit
Heidi qualified for more than $800 in Cal EITC credits

Success Story

Heidi, a single mom of two children, qualified for the VITA program and received free tax filing assistance. This saved her hundreds of dollars in tax-preparation fees at a local VITA site a couple months ago. 

Having used the service for the past couple years, Heidi was confident that the VITA volunteers were a trusted resource to help her accurately file her tax return. Better yet? She qualified for the California Earned Income Tax credit and received an additional $811 on her return. As a single mother of two children, the extra money goes a long way.

With back to back birthdays, Heidi sometimes finds it challenging to give her children memorable birthday celebrations. Since she filed her taxes with the VITA program and qualified for the CalEITC, she was able to give her kids a celebration to remember. Kids like to be kids and have fun with their friends. By throwing her children birthday parties, Heidi is ensuring her kids don’t feel left out and this allows them to focus on school.

Heidi has had great success using the VITA program and will continue to do so in the future thanks to the tip from her father. He read about the free tax filing service online and immediately though of his daughter and passed along the information. Since this has been such a great service for Heidi and other single mothers, she always recommends others to look into filing their taxes through the VITA program.

It’s not too late to save your hard-earned dollars and see if you qualify for valuable state and federal taxes. Even if you missed the April 18 filing deadline, there are still a handful of spring and summer VITA appointments if your income was $54k or less in 2016. For more information, visit