SacK2C program expands in Robla School District
Sacramento Kindergarten 2 College program helps parents save for college

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Jennifer Wright knows a good deal when she sees one. Securing $200 for her daughter’s future college education was well worth three hours of her time, despite her especially hectic schedule. She’s been working two jobs and raising her three kids – 16- and 13-year-old boys, and 5-year-old Madison – by herself since separating from her husband due to his substance abuse problems. She wasn’t thrilled when she had to move last year due to the new financial challenges of single parenting, but she’s been extremely happy with Madison’s kindergarten experience at Main Avenue Elementary in the Robla School District.

“I love the school, everyone there is awesome and they really keep you in the loop about everything that is going on,” Jennifer said.

Recently, Madison’s kindergarten teacher sent home a flyer about the Sacramento Kindergarten 2 College (SacK2C) program. Originally launched across several Sacramento City Unified School District campuses by State Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (when he was still on the Sacramento City Council), the program recently expanded to the Robla School District thanks in part to a $5,000 contribution from United Way California Capital Region.

Parents and guardians of kindergarteners within the Robla Elementary School District were given the opportunity to attend two free 90-minute Financial Education Workshops hosted by SAFE Credit Union. Upon completion of these workshops, participants earned a College Savings Account in their child’s name that contained $200. Together with Kevin McCarty’s office, SAFE is helping its members ensure their children are well positioned – from a very early age – to earn their college degrees.

Programs like this have become more common around the country in recent years, with evidence showing that low and moderate income children with even modest amounts of college savings are three times more likely to attend – and four times more likely to graduate from – college compared with those who have no such savings. “Through this program, both kids and parents succeed,” Assemblymember McCarty says of SacK2C. “Saving for college can be a significant challenge for many families. If we can help make this challenge just a little easier for folks, it’s worth it.”

In the past, Jennifer actively saved money for her boys’ education but that became increasingly difficult for her due to financial stress. However, after attending the Financial Education Workshop, she’s more determined than ever to regularly contribute to her children’s college savings. In fact, Gerad Borrego of SAFE, who leads the Financial Education Workshops, has been working with Jennifer to help make her financial goals a reality.

Jennifer said she hopes that more families at Robla Schools will participate in the K2C program, in addition to getting involved with other school activities.

“Anything with the kids, that kind of interaction, it lets kids know that you care,” she said. “It’s really important for kids to know that you care about their education.”

The K2C program is funded by private donations from financial institutions, foundations, and other sources. The Sacramento City and Robla School Districts do not contribute to the operations or other costs of the program, but help facilitate the distribution of information to families and provide space for workshops.

How you can donate to the program

K2C funds are administered through the City’s “Gifts to Share” program to ensure both transparency and security. Individuals can make contributions to Gifts to Share, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting the City of Sacramento’s education programs. Donation checks are payable to “Gifts to Share/Operation College” and mailed to: Gifts to Share, Inc., 915 I Street, 3rd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814.

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