Its Never too Early to Start Saving
Setting the expectation to achieve higher education starting as early as kindergarten

Success Story Kindergarten 2 College Savings Program

Say hello to the future graduating class of 2030! These kids pictured here from Robla, Taylor Street, and Bell Avenue Elementary Schools featured just opened college savings accounts through K2C. These kindergartners, and others like them, are going to change our world.  They will one day attend universities and colleges to study sciences, languages, history, trade, and the arts.  With advanced training, they will open businesses, change laws, and become community leaders. Most importantly, through higher education, they will have more options to decide their future for themselves. 

These endless possibilities are thanks to the fundraising support from our United Way’s Young Leaders Society, allowing these families to prepare for the exciting road ahead. Our United Way partners with SAFE Credit Union and California Assemblymember Kevin McCarty’s office to offer the K2C Program

It is never too early to start saving for college. Studies show that if a child has even a small amount saved for college he or she is three times more likely to attend and four times more likely to graduate!  

This Spring, we are working on opening accounts for all Robla School District kindergarten students whose families want to participate. Each participating student receives a $25 seed from our United Way in their account, and parents/guardians can earn additional contributions by savings themselves in the accounts and/or attending financial learning sessions. 


We can’t wait to see what these students accomplish!

To learn how to give to get involved with Young Leaders Society and K2C contact Paula Mumm at or (916) 856-3954