Experience Corps volunteers make huge impact in grade level reading

Success Story

Research shows that having a mentor greatly increases a student’s potential for success so much so that children not only have higher self-esteem, they also perform better in school and our Experience Corps volunteers fit that role perfectly!

Our Experience Corps program is fully launched and we have already made great strides by improving literacy skills in 9 schools across 4 school districts in our region. We are proudly serving over 230 students and our volunteers have spent over 600 hours tutoring students so they can reach grade level.

Our volunteers remain dedicated to helping the students outside of the classroom as well. They attend monthly in-service trainings to develop their skills as literacy tutors and have completed more than 550 hours of training on the components of literacy, program curriculum, and behavior management.

It’s amazing to see how dedicated our volunteers are to making a difference in the lives of these children. In turn, this has a huge impact in our local communities.

We need more volunteers to reach more children. Learn how you can volunteer or sign up for our spring info-session. Join us in guiding the next generation of readers.