Brandi showing off some books that were labeled during the summer Campaign for Grade level Reading project.

Student United Way Founder Spotlight
Learn more about the student leaders who are bringing Student United Way to Sac State


I am Brandi Veal and I am the Vice President of the service club Student United Way (SUW) at Sacramento State. I transferred to Sac State this semester from American River College, where I received an AA in Social Science and an AS-T in Business Administration. Currently, my major is Business Administration with a Human Resource Management concentration.

My ultimate goal is to attain my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences, which would enable me to truly give back to the youth and community. I want to use this degree to become a teacher librarian. In today’s schools, strong libraries have not been a priority but a good one can contribute so much to the learning process. I want to be a part of the movement to strengthen school libraries within our community so that the generation that comes after me will be successful, independent learners. I want to foster an interest in education and teach the benefits of traditional research along with incorporating new technologies that get youth excited about learning.

While a business administration major may not at first appear to support this goal, I chose to pursue it because as funding decreases for libraries those wanting to fill those positions must develop new and innovative ways to keep them afloat. I feel like having a strong business mind will aid me in that process.

As someone who fully believes in the importance of education for self and community development, coupled with the need of financial stability and health to make the path to success easier, I was immediately attracted to the passion exhibited by the United Way recruiter. My past volunteer activities include: Mercy General Hospital, various Sacramento Public Library branches and Reading Partners and I look forward to even more service experience with SUW.

In the past I have been known to be a quiet individual, who always carries a book on my person and shies away from meeting strangers. Coming to Sac State I am making an effort to be more involved with my community and truly make a lasting impact, while making friends along the way. While I will always be the girl with a book, I hope through my involvement with SUW and my passion for literacy and education, that I create a circle of readers around me as well. Because a mind that reads is a mind that thinks.