Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be hard
How United Way volunteers helped one client get his finances in order


Reginald Crisp had years of complicated taxes to sort through when it was time to file his 2018 taxes. A retired state employee, Reginald was trying to get his financial affairs in order when the Franchise Tax Board referred him to United Way’s Free Tax Prep program. When he learned there was a Free Tax Prep site at the Oak Park Community Center near his house, he made an appointment and soon found himself face to face with four women he now affectionately refers to as the Four Amigos. 

“They are awesome ladies,” Reginald said. “I had quite a bit of stuff from years of tax issues, and I was really impressed and pleased with how they helped me and each other. We all go through things in our lives, so I had let things slip for a few years, but they were patient and had expertise in what they were doing. Those ladies showed kindness and caring to everyone who came through the door that day.”

Reginald had created a payment plan based on what the Franchise Tax Board said he owed, but in working with United Way’s Free Tax Prep program, he realized they owed him money as well, which decreased his payments. He was so grateful for their assistance that he helped put away chairs and clean up for the day.

This year, Reginald plans to call United Way’s Free Tax Prep program right away to set up his appointment at the Oak Park Community Center – and he plans to bring them donuts instead of a mountain of paperwork.

 “I’m so blessed to have found the Four Amigos,” Reginald said. “I’m looking forward to seeing them again this year.”