Maihnialor Lee, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader

AmeriCorps VISTA Spotlight on Maihnia Lee
Celebrating Volunteers In Service to America


Each year during AmeriCorps Week, we recognize the commitment of AmeriCorps members and alums by highlighting the extraordinary impact AmeriCorps makes across our nation every day.

Locally, United Way California Capital Region acts as the intermediary site by partnering with other nonprofits to place AmeriCorps VISTA members in various sites.

Meet Maihnia!

United Way (UW): Why did you start serving with AmeriCorps VISTAs?

Maihnia Lee (ML): Coming from an underserved population, community work and organizing has always been my passion. In college, I was heavily involved in student groups that did community work. I knew that I wanted to continue in that line of work of giving back. AmeriCorps VISTA was a perfect fit and opportunity for me to continue my service. Right after college, I started serving as a VISTA on Nov. 2014. I was placed at United Way California Capital Region as their first ever VISTA.

UW: What’s your role now with United Way?

ML: I stayed after my one year of service and accepted another term at United Way as VISTA Leader. My duties now include organizing, supporting, and rallying our local cohort of VISTAs, as well as being the liaison between site supervisors and their respective VISTAs. Currently, we have 17 active VISTAs placed at 13 sites.

UW: What do you enjoy about what you’re doing?

ML: I really enjoy rallying people together who share the same vision and has the same passion. Community and the sense of unity is really important to me. I am fortunate in that one of my core duties in my current role is to foster exactly that type of space for a group of amazing and giving community leaders (because VISTAs are leaders!).

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