Professional headshot of a white woman appearing with long dark straight hair, professionally dressed.

Shawna Weaver
Human Resources Generalist, Bender Insurance Solutions

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you work? What do you do for fun? 
    Work: I am the Human Resources Generalist at Bender Insurance Solutions.

    Fun: I love hanging out with my puppy, Shiloh, working on his training. I’m a big fan of reading, drawing, watching Netflix, and doing Yoga and dance workouts.
  2. What motivated you to join United Way’s Young Leaders Society?
    I’ve always been an advocate for creating the community you want to live and play in. For me, joining YLS means contributing to a better and stronger community, while also meeting new people that care about the same thing.
  3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
    You can only control your actions, trying to control others is a waste of your talent and resources.
  4.  What would you say to other young professionals looking to get involved in the community?
    Just do it (oops, I think that’s Nike’s slogan) But seriously, if you want to see your community develop and grow you have to be the catalyst for the change and it starts with getting involved.
  5. If you could change one thing about our community, what would it be and why?
    It would be helping the homeless population. It breaks my heart when I drive down main streets in Sacramento and there is always a homeless person on my left or right peripheral seeking shelter or their next meal.
  6. Favorite Book and TV Show:
    This question is way too difficult! I love fantasy novels, so yes, Harry Potter is definitely at the top of my list and I would say one of my favorite shows is Chicago Fire, really the whole One Chicago is a fave of mine.
  7. Little known fact:
    I played Badminton for two years in high school. And not recreational, I played pairs and traveled to games and had a uniform and everything.