Photo of a tablet with charts and graphs. Teacup in the background. Text: Small Business Program Webinar | Take Your Business Digital Now | June 11, 2020 12:00 PM | With Expertise from Veronika Monell & Laura Rincon of JumpStartNOW

Webinar: Take your Business Digital Now (June 11)
Veronika Monell & Laura Rincon of JumpStartNOW To Provide Expertise


Sheltering in place is forcing everyone to rethink the way we interact with one another, including small business owners. If you’ve been putting off “going digital”,  Veronika Monell and Laura Rincon of boutique marketing agency JumpStartNOW will share great tips on how to get started.

Learn valuable strategies on how to “Go Digital” during and after COVID-19. You knew it was important, now it is essential! Our experts will explain:

  • How to pivot your current business to an online transaction, e-commerce, and digital sales model.
  • How to market digitally in today’s new digital world and do business now.
  • How to make apps and software work for you in a techy world.

Veronika and Laura run JumpStartNOW, headquartered in Sacramento. They will present you with ideas and trends that can give you clarity about where to take your business in this new digital world.

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Professional head shot of a woman with light blonde haire Veronika Monell

Owner and Business Strategist Veronika Monell is the owner of JumpStartNOW, a local Sacramento boutique online marketing agency. She has helped hundreds of businesses navigate the ever-changing marketing and business dynamics of today’s fast-paced world. She strategically put the pieces for her clients’ businesses together to create a clear picture. Veronika helps her clients get to the first or the next million. Before owning her own business, Veronika started her career in video gaming where she helped transition the publishing company from physical goods to the digital world.  

Photo of a young Latina appearing woman in professional attire - hot pink blazer on a cobalt blue dress - seated outdoors smiling. Laura Rincon

Laura is a forward-thinking marketer and social media strategist. She brings her entrepreneurial spirit, multi-faceted marketing experience, and leadership to the JumpStartNOW team. Multi-dimensional, she brings passion to our diverse cross-section of client projects.