VISTA Furniture/Household Appliances Drive


VISTAs! Are you in need of any furniture or household appliances? 

As a previous VISTA member who had to relocate to another city for my service, I only came with whatever fit into my tiny car. For many of us, we are serving our VISTA service far, far away from home. I know how difficult it is to move and start afresh on the stipend we live on but I was able to get by from the generosity of my site.

I am organizing a community drive to acquire gently used (or new!) furniture and household appliances for VISTAs. My vision is that it will be a great partnership between AmeriCorps and our community. One, we will be able to showcase and highlight the wonderful work we are doing in the community. In turn, the community will be able to support us with in-kind donations. It’s an opportunity for a beautiful giving and receiving partnership!

So what can you do? Contact me at with any specific needs you may have and I will be sure to add it to our needs list.