Universal Enrollment for Robla School District


College savings are at Robla! United Way California Capital Region is pleased to announce that every kindergartener in Robla School District will receive a $25 Seed Account. 

The K2C program has aimed to make higher education more accessible by starting college savings early and cultivating an expectation among local youth that higher education is in their future. In addition to the initial seed, every Robla kindergarten student can end the year with $175 of savings in a ScholarShare 529 account held in their name. These Seed Accounts will have persistent impacts on Robla students as the funds grow. Research on programs similar to K2C shows that students with any college savings in their name, like the K2C Seed Accounts, are 3x more likely to enroll in and 4x more likely to complete college.  

The benefits of Robla’s K2C enrollment do not end there. Research on the effects of universal enrollment savings programs, like K2C in Robla, indicate that this is the best model for achieving equity in college savings. Overall savings and rates of savings increase significantly among low and middle-income households in universal programs when compared to individual “opt-in” programs. This leads to a more equitable distribution of savings for college and ensures inclusion in the program outside of households who already save. These positive effects only increase over time.  


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