Photo of a young Black youth wearing a black tee shirt. Written message on the wall behind him reads, "Tomorrow will bring good things. Stay alive to see it."

Take Action for Foster Youth in Crisis
COVID-19 Update from Women United


Our Women United membership is dedicated to ensuring local foster youth are prepared for a successful transition to independence and ready for success in life.
What does that mean now? While many youth in foster care are working to overcome challenges, the COVID pandemic has added even more barriers to their success. How can we be part of the solution?

Support Financial Stability for Foster Youth

Last year our Women United created over 145 Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) for local foster youth. These IDAs are matched savings accounts that help cover basic necessities and educated-related expenses for emancipated foster youth.

Foster youth who are already facing the challenges of aging out of the system have been given the additional burden of 2020’s global pandemic.
These accounts can make a lasting and significant difference.

  1. Show your support.
    Renew or make an additional gift through United Way Women United. Our goal is to get as many of these accounts into our local foster youths’ hands as possible. 

    Make a Gift

  2. Show up.
    Youth in foster care need to hear from us more than ever. The trauma from the lack of social interactions can make a lasting effect.
    Join our ongoing Women United volunteer activity and write some encouraging words to our local foster youth during this time. 


“Every child deserves to grow up in a safe and stable nurturing environment free from fear, abuse and neglect”
-Governor Gavin Newsom

Other ways to stay engaged for youth in foster care:

  • Stay connected.
    Remaining connected to the foster community through Women United so that we may understand their needs and how best to support them during this changing time is crucial. We are relying on communication from our local non-profit partners as well as the community as a whole.
  • Learn about the Kinship Navigator.
    Woman with embracing toddler outdoors.
    United Way of California has created a Kinship Navigator. This one-stop navigator will meet the immediate needs of kinship caregivers and foster parents helping them locate nearby resources, access benefits and/or receive general support.