Summer Literacy Activities
Dowload hundreds of fun learning activities


Summer, while it can be fun and games, is also a great opportunity for children to retain their knowledge. The Literacy Activities Kit is aimed at combatting summer learning loss and preventing the gap in learning so that children may return to school with their knowledge intact and ready for new material.

Here you will find hundreds of literacy activities to help keep your child learning throughout the summer.

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Level Activities:

Introduction & Assessments

K-1 Learning Letters

K-1 Letters-Sound Matching

K-1 Say & Write Letters

K-1 Rhyming

K-1 Sound Blending

K-1 Syllables

K-1 High Frequency Words

2-3 Letters-Sound Matching

2-3 Learning Phonemes

2-3 Varient Correspondences

2-3 Syllables

2-3 Phrases

2-3 Chunked Text

2-3 High Frequency Words

4th – 6th Grade Level Activities:

Introduction & Assessments

4-5 Variant Correspondences

4-5 Syllables

4-5 Morphemes

4-5 Word Meaning and Analysis

4-5 High Frequency Words

4-5 Phrases

4-5 Chunked Text

4-5 Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homographs

4-5 Reading Comprehension

6th Grade Reading Passages