Step Up Sacramento


Did you know that one in three kids in the Robla School District are food insecure and don’t know where their next meal is coming from? Imagine trying to focus on work as your stomach grumbles. For these kids, that is their reality. Together, we can help.



Education is the cornerstone of individual and community success and that’s why we’ve made a 20-year commitment to help end poverty by starting in school. We understand the importance of investing in early learning tools that will set students and families up for a lifetime of success. But, it takes a village to make a change like this. We’re counting on you to join us.

You’ve seen the hopscotch installations and now it’s time to join in on the Step Up  Sacramento challenge — our effort to raise awareness on the importance of keeping children in  school, keeping them on track and ensuring they have a strong support system to succeed in  college and beyond.  

Where will we be next?

Midtown, 919 20th Street – installation going in May 2
Concerts in the Park, Cesar Chavez Plaza – installation going in May 4
Midtown Farmers’ Market, 20th Street (by the MAARS building) - installation going in May 12