Kasey Cotulla smiling in front of a statue.

Small Business, Big Impact: River City Printers
How local printer is using his strengths to make a difference


Kasey Cotulla spent his whole career learning every element of the printing industry. He started as a janitor at 18, and moved up to driving a forklift, running equipment, working in customer service, and now owns multiple printing companies in the Sacramento area.  Cotulla made the leap into entrepreneurship 11 years ago and started his “small business collective” located in Sacramento, Placer, and Yolo counties. Through hard work, dedication and a little sweat equity, his family of printing businesses include River City Printers, Paul Baker Printing, and Delta Web Printing, and most recently, Metro Mail Services.   

This small business group of companies makes a point to do what they can to make a difference in our community. While you may not be familiar with these printers, you have definitely seen their work in action.  Along with printing for some of the region’s largest organizations and businesses, they produced materials to support local nonprofits like KVIE, the Metro Chamber Foundation, Lilliput Children’s Services, and even for our own United Way. They also have a culture of giving in-kind donations and specialized nonprofit printing so local organizations can focus on what matters – the work. Printer in motion

For River City Printers, the United Way Small Business Partnership Program was a no-brainer.

“It makes it easy for companies like ours, who may not have a huge HR department, to handle corporate giving and make a difference in the community,” Cutulla said. “The United Way makes it easy to make a difference,” 

Cotulla has cultivated a businesses’ culture that provides an environment to succeed. He attributes this to his companies’ ability to grow and thrive in a challenging and changing industry.  It really makes the difference in how we help our customers and our clients.”

A running deck of colors from yellow, green, purple, and red. “I am proud that our companies have the opportunity and resources to support non-profits and organizations in our area. United Way is an effective and worthy non-profit and their people are a joy to work with throughout the year,” Cotula said. “I have been fortunate to find an organization that reflects our values and priorities so well while impacting lives each day.”

Thank you to River City Printers, Paul Baker Printing, Delta Web Printing, and Metro Mail Services for your steadfast dedication to our community! If you want to join their ranks of the many passionate small businesses like them, click here.