“Re-Imagine” brings improvements to the Mack Road corridor this Saturday!
Volunteer Opportunities For All!


For many years the Mack Road corridor was one of the most notorious & dangerous areas in the City of Sacramento!

But after many years of organizations dedicating themselves & working together to map out a different direction for this challenged community, the Mack Road corridor is well on their way to improving the quality of life for their residents through many revitalization and community service projects that inspire the residents to take pride in their community, and be proud to call it home!

Every year the Mack Road Partnership hosts an annual event called “Re-IMAGINE Mack Road” where hundreds of residents, organizations, and volunteers come together to work on various community service projects up and down the Mack Road corridor.

Please organize a group of your Local Union Community Services Volunteers to come to the Mack Road Community Center this Saturday, April 25th and lend a hand from 8:00am to 12noon on many of these projects that will transform the Mack Road community!

Participants are encouraged to register ahead of time:


On Saturday, April 25th participants who haven’t pre-registered, are encouraged to arrive at the Mack Road Community Center, at 7833 Center Parkway between 7:00am and 8:00am to register, receive your volunteer t-shirt, and join a volunteer project!

Your Local Union & generous volunteers can make a big difference!

Please organize a team of your Local Union volunteers and join hundreds of volunteers, as we continue to transform this once challenged community into a beautiful neighborhood for all to take pride in!

If you have any questions about this Saturday’s festivities, please contact Greg Larkins at Gregory.Larkins@uwccr.org or (916) 208-4734.