Our Partner


 UpTogether is our partner for DIPS and provides the UpTogether software that makes the program possible. For over 20 years, they have had a straightforward mission: trust and invest in families. Learn more below.

A history of success

UpTogether (formerly the Family Independence Initiative) was established in 2001 to dignify working families. UpTogether has understood that well-intentioned but inadequate governmental and charitable policies cycle families in and out of poverty. By unapologetically investing in families, UpTogether has successfully increased family incomes, entrepreneurialism, and spending in communities. For more on UpTogether’s successes, look at their family outcomes.

The UpTogether Platform

DIPS uses the UpTogether digital platform. UpTogether is where families come together online to work together toward greater social and economic mobility.  To date, nearly 200K households have received investments through the UpTogether platform. This approach accelerates social and economic mobility for families, making poverty escapable.