More about our financial coaching work


Thanks to significant investments in 2016 from Citi Community Development and JPMorgan Chase, we recently grew the scale of our support for this work by creating a Financial Coaching Training and Certification initiative. We launched this effort in June with two days of training with nationally-renowned expert Saundra Davis of Sage Financial Solutions. More than 50 people in our region attended, including staff from all six of our original Financial Coaching network organizations and many new public sector and nonprofit partners. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Read more about their experience

As noted in the post, this initiative will include one more full in-person training day with Saundra (August 29), six to ten monthly web-based trainings, and grant funding and coaching certification scholarships for a limited number of organizations and individuals.

As part of these growing efforts we are also building a partnership with the online EARN Starter Savings Program to help households build emergency/opportunity savings as a first step toward building assets for future financial stability.