2016 - 2017 SMUD Loaned Executive, Rachel Moore

Meet SMUD Loaned Excutive, Rachel Moore
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Participating in the United Way Loaned Executive program has been a wonderful experience, it has opened my eyes to how much work is actually required to build, strengthen, and maintain relationships with companies throughout the United Way campaign. I have enjoyed working with an awesome mentor, Russ Gostage, and all the other amazing staff at United Way! Working to create a campaign with an employee campaign coordinator to collecting pledge forms and donations, has been exciting and informative.

The days are long but very rewarding. Not only am I immersed in the nonprofit world but I am getting the invaluable experience of public speaking to small and large audiences. I feel that being a loaned executive has strengthened my professional research, organizational, and public speaking abilities. It has also shown me how much United Way cares for the community and for each of the 160 nonprofits they partner with. It was my pleasure to work with companies and give them an opportunity to help in their community.

Rachel Moore, SMUD