Meet Shandra Thomas – our first certified financial coach


Thanks to significant funding from Citi Community Development and additional support from JPMorgan Chase, we have been able to give financial coaching grants to local organizations in our region. Shandra Thomas is the first member of our cohort to pass her certification test. Get to know more about Shandra and why she wanted to become a certified financial coach:

1.    Name:    
Shandra Thomas

2.    Profession:  
Financial Coaching and Financial Counseling, Executive Director of NP, and Realtor

3.    What motivated you to become a certified financial coach?  
I came to the realization a number of years ago that how we handle our finances has nothing to do with our finances.  When I learned about the financial coaching concept, it fit beautifully into the way that I was already delivering services and it gave me the tools to be much better at it.  Because I am always searching for better ways to deliver services, work with clients, be more empathetic/understanding, make their lives easier, etc…  obtaining this certification was something that would satisfy all those desires on my part. 

4.    What was the biggest takeaway you had from the trainings you went through to become certified?   
I learned what I don’t know.  To be an expert, doesn’t necessarily mean we know everything.  This gave me a true opportunity to expand upon the areas where I was less confident.

5.    How do you think your organization will benefit from having a certified financial coach? 
Our organization is working very hard to expand into the Sacramento area.  The ability to provide credentials such as this one could make the difference in creating a partnership.  

6.    What’s next for you?
I have already begun working towards my certification of a Financial Fitness Coach and should complete this process by mid-2018 or sooner.  I am very grateful for the chance to further my credentials with AFCPE.  

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