Meet Phillis Clements, the Financial Coach Who is Taking Her Knowledge to the Masses!


Thanks to significant funding from Citi Community Development and additional support from JPMorgan Chase, we have been able to give financial coaching grants to local organizations in our region. Phillis Clements is a member of our financial coach certification cohort. Get to know more about Phillis and how she is using her passion for helping the community reach their goals through financial stability! 

1.    Name:    Phillis Clements

2.    Profession:  
I like to positively inspire audiences to take action as a speaker, certified coach, author, and book publisher. I am currently the President of Sunshine Solutions Enterprises, LLC and founder of the group Coffee & Conversation. As an independent book publisher and author, I have published a variety of titles from children’s books, self-help and fiction to financial investments. My passion is been dedicated to helping others achieve their desired goals and dreams using innovative, non-traditional techniques to gain clarity, take action. 

3.    What motivated you to become an Accredited Financial Counselor?  

I am a volunteer with Women’s Empowerment and have provided coaching and mentoring to the program participants for several years in the areas of career management and financial management. I am very passionate about helping this organization end homelessness and have seen over the years the need for more education and resources around financial literacy. This is not just about budgeting or investments, but the complete process. It is important for women especially to gain clarity about their mindsets around money, how to make the necessary adjustments around those mindsets, develop a better understanding about their financial situation, take action to improve them and actually see positive results. 

4.    What was the biggest takeaway you had from the trainings and study you went through to become certified?   
Persistence, discipline, and consistency are important for the study process. It helped tremendously to be a part of a cohort of individuals with the same goal of becoming certified because we were able to talk through the challenges with learning the material and the overwhelm of taking the exam itself.

5.    How do you think your certification will help with the work that you do? 
While I have been providing coaching around financial management for more than two decades, there are still those individuals who want to see proven expertise through formal education and certifications. So, for me, the certification provides another level of credibility. 

6.    What’s next for you in your professional journey with financial counseling and coaching?
I am actually writing a series of books to provide a “real-talk” view about financial literacy that will be easy to read, enjoyable and beneficial to anyone seeking a way to be in command of their financial situations. While I am working on this project, I hope to participate and complete the Financial Fitness Coach program. As coaching is the approach I use with the majority of my clients, I feel like this is a natural fit with what I do and will give me more tools to be even more effective in my community.

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