Make an impact this Summer!
Volunteer in your community


United Way’s mission to improve lives and strengthen communities is fueled by the passion and hard work of our community’s volunteers. People are giving their time and talents to create lasting solutions that improve life for everyone.

There are currently hundreds of volunteer opportunities for adults and youth throughout the summer in our region. If you need a little nudge, here’s a few reasons why our community needs you:
  • Schools out! Summer is the busiest time of year for nonprofits.
  • Volunteers are less active in the summer even though it is primetime to volunteer.
  • The community needs you now more than ever to help out and make a difference.
     - Food banks need help sorting and giving out food
     - Donation centers need help sorting and preparing items for families
  • Summer is the perfect opportunity to volunteer with an organization you’re passionate about.
     - Bring a friend or a family member and do good together
     - Volunteer more than once or for the whole summer to see the difference you’re making in the community

Our Volunteer Center is a wonderful tool to help connect you and your organization to meaningful volunteer opportunities and nonprofits. Find a volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule!