Kitty O'Neal on the microphone talking to a young lady. Text: United Way Women United. Kitty O'Neal shares her support

Kitty O’Neal Shows Her Support for Local United
Women United Luncheon Emcee Keeps Her Commitment to Women United


Kitty O’Neal of KFBK NewsRadio and the Women United Luncheon Emcee keeps her commitment to support local foster youth.

Audio Transcribed:
Kitty O’Neal here, and I’m sorry we all can’t be together for our annual luncheon. But I’m just so grateful that Women United have decided to go ahead with this online effort to remind everybody how important the services that they provide to foster youth are. 
I’ve just been so impressed for years of seeing the foster kids at these annual luncheons and how much they have expressed their gratitude for Women United and how they have really made a difference in their lives — and changed them significantly, for the better. 
So, I’m grateful that I can be here to at least share my appreciation, and of course, we’ll continue to remind everyone to support Women United as you can financially and just with any other type of volunteer effort. 
So, again, although we’re not together, we’re together in heart and spirit to support everything that can be done to help our area’s foster youth.